For your convenience The Park Ridge Tavern has Keno Terminals located in four separate areas of our establishment. One can be located at the Cashier in our luxe Gaming Lounge, the second can be located near the cashier at our Restaurant, the third can be located at our Bistro Bar and the fourth in our Sports Bar, along with a self-service machine.

With 8 TV screens positioned around the main areas of the tavern, you can be sure you will never miss a game!

KENO is a fun, easy to play numbers game where you can have the chance to win over $1 million for just $1 when you pick 10/10 numbers! You simply need to match the numbers on the TV screen with the numbers on your ticket.

Games of KENO are played every three minutes. With every game you play you can win up to $2 million dollars!

Come along and check it out for yourself. For information, pease feel free to grab a Playing Guide or ask one of our friendly staff.

Please note: The information located on this page is not intended for persons under the age of 18 years or patrons excluded from gaming.